Social Media Use By Christians-Does the End Justify the Means?

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I read an article today about a boycott that is being championed by a group of celebrities against Instagram whose parent company is Facebook. These celebrities are encouraging everyone who has an account on the Instagram platform to “freeze” their account for one day. The reason being is they don’t believe that Facebook has done enough to curtail the spread of racism, hate and political disinformation on either platform. Kim Kardashian West (who is reported to have 188 million Instagram followers by the way) is being joined by other entertainment heavy weights including Leonardo Dicaprio and Katy Perry in the quest. But shouldn’t this also apply to objectionable language and nudity. What about abortion and sexual immorality? For some reason these aren’t ever called out unless your opinion is on the opposite side of the prevailing progressive ideology.

I’m not writing this to debate the pros and cons of the one day freeze but to focus on social media use by Christians in general. Social media platforms have positives such as being able to connect with people from all over the world and share our all so important opinions about anything and everything under the sun. They also have negatives such as being able to connect to people all over the world and share our all so important opinions about anything and everything under the sun. There is good and bad in many things but at what point does the bad outweigh the good? Should Christians refrain from utilizing social media even if it means not being able to reach greater numbers of people with the Message?

My thoughts on social media brought to mind the story of the Tower of Babel told in Genesis 11:19. In a nutshell the people of the world at the time all spoke the same language. They wanted to build a great city for themselves with a tower that reached to the sky to make them famous and prevent them from being scattered all of the world. When God saw this he didn’t like it reasoning if the people could do something so great, they could do anything else they put their minds to. He then scattered the people all over the world each with different language so they couldn’t understand each other.

In my opinion social media is like the Tower of Babel. It serves as a means for ” the people” to exalt themselves and to more easily build a consensus for ideas and beliefs that are in direct conflict to God’s Word. Users feel a camaraderie and consensus about things that they know in their hearts are wrong but feel justified in doing because they hear so many others telling them it’s okay. Much like Eve who didn’t go for the forbidden fruit until she had just one other being encourage it.

I really struggle with how I should utilize social media personally because platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter slant toward a more liberal point of view. Even Christian beliefs have been attacked as hateful in an attempt to censor the Word. I just feel if I’m on any of them, I’m helping their cause. On the other hand, this is actually the reality of everyday life. The world isn’t Christ loving but I still must trudge on. God called us to be in the world without being of the world. God doesn’t want us to close ourselves off from non-believers because then we can’t tell others about him.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.