How Do You Measure Success?

Recently I have been having thoughts that I am not successful. That I have not done a good job in carrying out God’s call for my life. That being helping others apply God’s wisdom to their daily lives. Seeing Godly change in them. You see, I have been talking to people about loving their enemies and treating others the way they want to be treated. That we are all humans. Real people and not a political party. But no one appears to have listened. At least from what I can see.

So, after being down and feeling sorry for myself for a while, I asked God for guidance and opened my Bible. The Book of Jeremiah was before me. I had heard of this prophet but have to admit I did not know much about him. God called him and he took the Word to the people but they did not want to listen. He faced persecution. Enemies of Jerusalem enslaved them for seventy years. Full of anger and doubt, Jeremiah wanted to give up due to lack of success. But he never did thankfully.

Instead God gave him reminders of his most important purpose. To be obedient to Him which is the ultimate success. God is not keeping count and blaming us when someone does not listen or change. This is wonderful to know and freeing. Now I can throw out that scorecard forever.

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