More on Social Media….

This is a follow-up to my previous post titled Social Media Use By Christians-Does the End Justify the Means? This past weekend I watched a documentary-drama hybrid on Netflix entitled ‘The Social Dilemma’ which explores the dangers of social networking. What made it most interesting was that tech experts who actually contributed to the development ofContinue reading “More on Social Media….”

The Definition of Insanity

There’s a famous quote by Albert Einstein that goes: “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Can anyone reading this relate? I am applying it to the professional aspect of my life. For the past twenty-seven years I have worked in the social work profession. Starting out inContinue reading “The Definition of Insanity”

Maintaining Sanity in the Age of Covid19

  Lately it seems that all we see and hear about on the news is Coronavirus 19. News casts are dedicating nearly every minute to the pandemic. They report on the rising number of confirmed cases and unfortunately deaths from this invisible enemy. Recently we have learned to “social distance” ourselves and that hand sanitizerContinue reading “Maintaining Sanity in the Age of Covid19”

Waiting for God to Respond

Waiting can be difficult. It seems that everyday we have to wait whether it’s in slow traffic, in line at the grocery store or for our name to be called at our favorite coffee place. While it may seem eternal it isn’t. If we stop and think about it we know it really isn’t thatContinue reading “Waiting for God to Respond”

Don’t Let Election Day Results Take Away Your Joy

Yesterday was election day in Virginia and in other parts of the country. There were hotly contested elections on both the state and local level in many of these areas. While monitoring the results last night it was evident that many voters in my state were overjoyed with the final outcome. On the state levelContinue reading “Don’t Let Election Day Results Take Away Your Joy”