Make Sure You Assess the Entire Situation

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Do you really listen to what you hear on television or radio? When you read from a newspaper, book or online news site, do you really think about what’s written? For myself I can say yes. This is because one of the gifts God has blessed me with is discernment. Discernment is the ability to look past what is in front of you or just taking something at face value to perceive the deeper meaning behind it. Becoming familiar with biblical principles through regular Bible study, prayer and one to one time with God helps this spiritual muscle to grow stronger. God wants all of us to develop the ability to use discernment. It’s a primary way to teach the world about right and wrong or truth and lie when these are muddled by human reasoning. For example, why is it okay if someone posts on Twitter that conservatives should be harassed at every turn and their lives made miserable they are cheered. But when someone on Parler posts that liberals should be harassed at every turn and their lives made miserable it’s right wing philosophy and everyone should be frightened. This and similar messaging over the past twelve years has been detrimental to society. At no time has the power of the pen, keyboard or voice been so consequential. The answer to my question is both are wrong and not behaving in a Godly manner and need to stop. That’s discernment. God has given us guidance for life and it won’t change. We must utilize discernment to prevent further division and strife between all of us. This can be accomplished by consistent, biblically based messaging from Christians to help non-discerning believers and unbelievers see truth.

By the way, my small group is reading the book Discernment by Jane Hamon and it has great information about discernment and learning to apply it to any situation we face in life. My site isn’t monetized so this recommendation comes with no personal gain for me.

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