Armor Required Everyday

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This past week I participated in a group at work and the facilitator asked each of us to write down thoughts that tend to pop into our minds and ruin an otherwise good day. I immediately jotted down my son graduating college and moving to a new city, my social work career being stagnant, getting older and my best friend moving away. Emotions welled up and I expressed how I was feeling to the other members. That evening, I wrote in my journal to help process what had occurred in group. I told God that I was being drained by negative thinking about changes that had or were occurring in my life and asked him what to do. As I turned pages in the journal, an image of a suit of armor fell out. I had printed it months ago and forgotten about it. Each part of it- helmet, belt, breast plate, shoes and sword are representations of the weapons God has given us to fight off attacks from the evil one that aim to drag us down and away from Him. I realized He had provided a quick answer to my question. Since then, I have read and meditated on Ephesians 6:10-18 several times as well as printed additional copies of the image I mentioned so I can have a visual reminder wherever I go . The constant reminders gives me hope and strength and help me to remember how to rebuke the devil’s attacks. Here’s the link if you want the image I mentioned above.

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