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This is a follow-up to my previous post titled Social Media Use By Christians-Does the End Justify the Means? This past weekend I watched a documentary-drama hybrid on Netflix entitled ‘The Social Dilemma’ which explores the dangers of social networking. What made it most interesting was that tech experts who actually contributed to the development of these various platforms express regret and raise the alarm about it’s impact on society. They inform on how big tech monitors and analyzes social media use to manipulate the way we behave, think and feel and is meant to be addictive in nature. One participant worried that the tool he helped to create could cause a civil war due to the polarization between people that’s been created under big tech’s watch. It’s no accident that more and more progressive views are constantly on the forefront. They know they can steer society’s thinking anyway they want through news stories, messaging, ads, ect.. So take a look at “The Social Dilemma’ if you can. It may not change your social media habits but at least you will have the facts.

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