” I HATE Cancer!”

Photo by Akshar Dave on Pexels.com

Hate is a strong word and as Christians it isn’t one that should be used in most circumstances. But when it comes to cancer it is more than justified because it is a sin and we can hate sin just as God hates sin. The urge to write this came this morning. Last night I learned of the death of actor Chadwick Boseman, age 43, best known for bringing the super hero Black Panther to life. He had reportedly been battling colon cancer for the past four years. I didn’t know Chadwick personally so I don’t propose to have unique knowledge of his struggle with the disease. I do know that I had the same kick in the gut feeling I first experienced in 1978 when my maternal grandmother succumbed to lung cancer and again in 2005 when my mother died of gastric cancer only five months after being diagnosed. In between and since this period of time others in my life have sat with a doctor and received the news no one wants to hear. Some have emerged as survivors in the battle against it. Others lost their gallant fight. I hate cancer.

Cancer is an evil, a scourge, is unforgiving, merciless, a taker and a hater. The list of negative descriptors could go on and on but in the end, even as I shout figuratively and literally at the top of my lungs about my disdain for cancer, I know that it will continue to claim the hopes and dreams of it’s victims. It will continue to make family members and friends grieve at the loss of loved ones. Children will be left parentless. Many contributions that could have been made toward the betterment of society will be lost. I hate cancer.

So as I end this, with cancer hopefully knowing how much I hate it, I won’t sit idlily by and let it think it has won. Because it hasn’t won and will never win. I will continue to study my Bible, pray and hopefully and faithfully wait for Jesus’ return to this world. At that time all suffering will end (for all other diseases and sin) and we won’t have to cry anymore. There will be no more trials and pain. The world will be beautiful!

Photo by Unchalee Srirugsar on Pexels.com

We can find more about Jesus’ final coming in the Book of Revelation. When I initially read it I can say that it frightened me. Some of the imagery was scary. But as I have grown in my walk with Jesus, my trust, faith and belief has also grown. His promises are real and when he comes, nothing, not even cancer, will remain. So I will wait and say to cancer now “I don’t hate you anymore because you aren’t worth the time. My God is more powerful than you and even though you can take our earthly lives, you can’t take our eternal lives. Not from those who have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. So there!”

Published by Jackie Washington

I am a Christ loving wife, mom and friend who just wants to help apply the wisdom of God's word to everyday living. I hope that through my experiences and observations to lead others to and encourage others to turn to the only true and trusted friend that we have, Jesus.

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