Is a Sleep Divorce Right for Me?

Being married can be wonderful in that you get to share your life with “your person”. But sometimes there can be a bit too much sharing. I say this because many nights I can’t get to sleep in the bed I share with my husband. Why? Because he snores steadily and loudly throughout the night. There’s a sleep apnea machine on the floor that goes unused the majority of nights. He’s says it’s too uncomfortable. Suggestions from the doctor such as losing weight haven’t come to fruition. Then where does that leave me? I love him but I also love and a good night’s sleep.

Many couples are choosing sleep divorces where they sleep in separate beds in the same room or different rooms entirely. Improved sleep can lead to improved energy, mood, overall health and a better relationship. But is this the route I should take? I’m not sure. But something has to change. I’m not willing to sacrifice my health and well-being anymore but at the same time I wonder how my husband will feel about my departure from the bed we’ve shared for over twenty-five years.

I’ll write an update soon. Possibly in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep.


  1. Yes! I do believe couples need to sleep separately. Makes no sense to spend the rest of your life tired. Lack of sleep leads to brain fog, weight gain, depression and wears down your overall health. The body can not properly function without restoring and rejuvenating every night. During this time the body grows muscle, repairs tissue, and synthesize hormones. These norms are driven by society not necessity.

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