Holiday Highs and Lows-Balancing Dreams with Reality and Remembering the True Meaning of Christmas

It’s hard to believe that we are less than twenty-three days from Christmas. “What happened to the year?” I ask myself as I am sure many other people have. I mean I can still see in my mind me and my family sitting around the tree in the living room last year opening our gifts. Christmas 2018 seemed so far off and the coming New Year seemed so promising. I have so much time I thought to get back into shape, read the books that I have stacked on my nightstand and make new friends.

Additionally I envisioned my relationships with my siblings and other extended family members growing closer. Surely there would be plenty of opportunities to get together. But the reality is that opportunities aren’t always taken. Life gets in the way and that text, email or telephone call that was planned never comes to fruition. Or worse yet your attempts to reach out are met with rejection. Not that anyone was purposely trying to be mean or hurtful. Just like me life may have gotten in the way.

This Christmas I was hoping to parlay a successful Thanksgiving which saw my brother, his daughters and my sisters come to dinner at my home into a magnificent Christmas celebration. This may not sound like a major feat but it would be for us. 

Since everyone seemed to enjoy each other’s company, I decided why not try to do a big get together for Christmas. You know the kind you see on television or in the movies. We could rent an Airbnb home big enough for us all and spend a couple of days together. We would have many fabulous meals and laughs together, exchange gifts and maybe go on an outing or two to see Christmas lights or something else festive like that. 

Well it seems neither sister is interested. Why I ask myself and also them. Why wouldn’t you want to have a Hallmark Christmas? What’s wrong? Well maybe there’s nothing wrong. We can’t force others to conform to what we each personally think the holidays should be like after all.

But then I start to think about what is the true meaning of Christmas. Shouldn’t my focus be on the celebration of the birth of Jesus and not on fulfilling my own earthly desires? I felt sad for a short time after my family get together idea was dismissed by my sisters but after I remembered why we celebrate my disappointment dimensioned.  I have so much to be thankful and joyous about.  After all my Lord and Savior came to earth and took human form in order to give everlasting life. He was the sacrificial lamb. Spending time meditating on this everyday but especially on Christmas and giving thanks should be first and foremost in our hearts and minds. So as we balance human expectations with reality this holiday remember the true reason for the season and take joy and comfort in knowing this.

Refer to Luke 2:1-20. 

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