Our First Thought: I was just reading email and saw that I had one from my doctor. The subject line indicated it was related to test results from lab tests I recently had completed. She said that the amount of protein my kidneys are putting out has increased and that I should contact her to discuss starting medication to relieve the condition. As it is the age of the internet I immediately started researching the condition. Fear struck me as I learned that this could be an early indictor or kidney disease. There is some history of this in my family and I started having flashes of myself having to go to dialysis everyday for the rest of my life and what that would mean for my quality of life. I don’t want to live that way I thought. But above all I felt afraid. Fortunately I was able to interrupt my panic and think of God. Pray I thought. Ask God for strength and healing. I don’t have a diagnosis of kidney disease and really I am lucky that I went in for that test and it is something that can be monitored from now on. In my research I also discovered that there are other reasons for increased protein output in the urine including being very stressed or working out strenuously. I don’t know the answer now but I need not panic as I normally do and accept help from my doctor. Thank-you God for urging me to go in for my labs that day because I had thought about putting it off again. Jeremiah 30:17 says “I will restore health to you and heal all your wounds,” says the Lord. Thank-you Father for all that you do and provide. Amen.

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